Since 1947, the California Beer and Beverage Distributors has strived to uphold the integrity of California’s state-based three-tiered regulatory system for alcohol control that has led to the largest, most dynamic and robust marketplace for beer in the country.

CBBD is the only statewide association representing California’s beer distributors. California’s independent, family-owned beer distributors are the backbone of the state’s three-tier regulatory system. The tradition continues.

CBBD delivers industry leadership and effective public affairs advocacy in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. to sustain and strengthen the state-based three-tier regulatory model and promote the independent distribution system.





  John Amendola, Chairman   Victoria G. Horton, Esq., President  


The California Beer and Beverage Distributors is governed by a regionally representative Board of Directors who serve two-year terms, and are led by a team of accomplished executives.

CBBD Board Leadership

Chair – John Amendola, Valley Wide Beverage Co.

Vice Chair – Geoff Couch, Couch Distributing Co., Inc.

Chief Financial Officer - Tom Reyes, Reyes Beverage Group

Secretary - Jason Mussetter, Mussetter Distributing, Inc.

President – Victoria G. Horton, Esq.

CBBD Staff Leadership

President - Victoria G. Horton

Vice President - Becky Stolberg
Senior Director Marketing and Public Affairs  - Rhonda Stevenson